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Friday, March 29, 2013

Seizures, Sickies, A Mini Hospital Stay, X-Rays, CT-Scans, Orthopedic Surgeons, OH MY! Oh Wait! Did I Mention Maybe a UTI?


I know, that's quite the title for this blog post, but it's been quite a few crazy days!

Where to start???

Wednesday we went out for our "big" shopping trip.  We found out Madi is sensitive to peanuts, almonds, eggs, corn, and wheat (likely dairy too, but she didn't have enough in her system for it to show up).  We knew about gluten and dairy, but the rest are new (and were tested because of her big egg fiasco).  We had to re-do the pantry, again, to make it allergen-friendly for her.  That meant sunflower nut butter (instead of almond or peanut), coconut milk (instead of almond), rice noodles (instead of quinoa/corn blend), etc...  I was also very low on groceries as we've just been kind of sliding by with our shopping and needed to stock up.  That was a $300 shopping trip right there.  Whew.  Yes.  $300.  I've never spent that kind of money in a grocery store, ever.  It was insane.  We were blessed with a sprouts gift card by two amazing friends the week before, and let me tell you, it was very much appreciated!  It helped a lot with that trip.  It was such a blessing (thank you friends (you know who you are), we love you guys!!) to have!!

I got a call from a friend as we were leaving the grocery store.  She needed to take her husband in to the hospital for heart failure (Thank God he is doing ok now.  It looks as though a virus settled in to his heart and was causing issues, but is resolving).  I ran by to grab her two kiddos and brought them back to our house.  Next, my friends moving to India the next day came by for dinner.  It was a crazy last dinner with them, as there were 7 kiddos at that point in time (my 3, their 2, and my friend's 2), but we enjoyed seeing them one last time before they left for India.  I got my 3 ready for bed and laid them down with David and sat with/rocked the 2 we were watching so that they would rest and be happy until their momma could make it home. They are sweet kiddos and did a great job while their mom was away.  I dropped them off at around 11:30, got home around 12:45 (we chatted a bit), then crashed in to bed.

Thursday I woke up and got Conner, Ramya, and Madi ready for a doctor's appointment we had at 10:00 am.  Ramya was seeing Dr. Segal, our orthopedic surgeon, for a check-up and to get a prescription for leg braces.  I got the three of them pottied, fed, dressed, and in the car, and we headed for Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH).  We checked in, waited, got in the room, waited a bit more, then saw Dr. Segal.  He is a wonderful doctor and we really love him.  He heard clicking in Ramya's left hip and set us for x-rays.  Conner and Madi couldn't go in the x-ray room, so I took Ramya in while the secretary played with Conner and Madi.  She made them glove-balloons and they drew faces on them.  They had a blast!  We got back to the room and by then everyone was getting ansy.  We waited a bit more for the doctor to come back, and he walked in to a room of monkeys when he did!  He gave Conner a game on his phone, sat Madi on his lap so she could scribble all over his notes, and finished his exam (like I said, he's an amazing doctor!).  We were finally finished at about 12:45 pm.  Dr. Segal wrote us a prescription for occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy (just in case), and KAFOs (leg braces that go up to the thighs).  He thinks Ramya will be a functional walker, and is hopeful we can go down to just AFOs (ankle braces) in the future.  He did say, though, that her left hip is likely out and will need surgery.  The x-ray showed that the front of the hip was mostly in, but it seemed the back of the hip was not.  We'll need more x-rays in the future to better asses this.  Madi's right hip is out, but he doesn't want to operate as she is a part-time walker.  Because he sees Ramya walking more, though, and causing more strain to that joint, he thinks she will need surgery.  Sigh.  He thankfully wants to wait until she's been here longer and is better adjusted, so at least that is good news.  At this point, we had missed Madi's occupational therapy, so we just went to the cafeteria to eat and relax.  The second we pull up in the parking lot all the kids get excited (even Ramya now), becuase they know PCH has scooby doo fruit snacks full of all kinds of nasty junk that mom wouldn't normally let them have.  It's the one time they get them, and they all love them, so we never leave the hospital without them.  Hey, if you have to go to the hospital for appointments all the time, there has to be a little perk, right?!?!?!?

Ramya's photo of Madi's glove balloon....


This morning Madi woke up early at 7:05.  She was throwing up and dry heaving, but was responding and seeming ok other than that.  She wasn't stopping the dry heaving, though, and then started staring off and getting slow to respond.  My heart skipped a beat.  Then I noticed her lower half started convulsing in a rhythmic pattern.  I woke David up, got her rescue meds, and gave her those (at about 7:20).  Madi's seizures don't self-resolve and just continue to get more involved, so they have to be stopped ASAP with a rescue med.  The problem, though, is that it's sometimes hard to tell if it's a seizure or just regular old sickies.  She normally falls asleep right after I give the meds, but this time she didn't.  She was agitated and kept telling me she needed to pee.  She finally fell asleep, but woke up very unhappy (which is not like her).  She kept saying her head hurt.  She'd hold it and just cry.  It broke my heart.  She started projectile vomiting, too.  She was lethargic and would wake up for a bit, sleep for a bit, but was just hurting and not happy whenever she was awake.  She's never complained of a headache before, and she's never acted like that after a seizure before, so we were worried about her shunt.  We decided to take her in to PCH.  Because they are on RSV restrictions still, my mom drove so I could sit next to Madi, and David stayed with Conner and Ramya.  Poor Conner was crying and upset at me leaving, and I felt awful leaving Ramya when we are still working on attachment so much.  Thankfully David was there for them, but it was not fun.  Madi projectile vomited in the car on the way again and was still saying her head hurt.  We got checked in at PCH and then the ordred a CT-scan and x-ray series.  I also told them they probably wanted to check her urine and did a clean cath sample for them.  We waited quite a bit (such is hospital life) and then it was time to go get the scans.  Right about then, Madi perked up and started acting like her normal self.  We went for the scans and then waited for the doctor to come talk to us.  While we waited we chatted with Conner and Ramya on facetime.  They were relieved to see us!  After we chatted for a bit, the doctor came in and told us her scans all came back fine.  He didn't think it was shunt related (Thank God!  I know it's crazy to wish a sickness on your kiddo, but I always pray she is "just sick" and it's not shunt related, because shunt issues equal surgery!).  He did, however, see a lot of white blood cells in her urine, indicating she likely has a UTI.  They couldn't get ahold of urology to check her sample, so they sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics and with instructions to fill it if urology felt it was necessary (I will call Dr. Zuniga on Monday and have him check it all out).  The doctor said the UTI could be to blame for all of the symptoms we saw that day.  I don't think it was related to the headache and vomiting.  I think that was likely due to the rescue meds.  I suppose you never know, though.  I do know if she has a UTI that would lower her seizure threshold, so that could help explain the seizure.  Madi acted like her normal happy self once we were home.  Conner and Ramya were thrilled to see us and Ramya would not let me put her down the rest of the day.  David said she cried and asked for me a few times while I was gone.  This made me feel very sad, but at the same time, I'm glad she is missing me.  I would think it would mean she's at least partially attached to me if she is sad I'm gone.  I'm glad she's now gotten to see, though, that momma comes back.  I'm also thankful she was able to be with David, as I'm sure that helped their bonding.

Sleeping angel on momma...

We finally got dinner (takeout... I hadn't had breakfast or lunch, and had finally gotten half a sandwich in the late afternoon but was still very hungry!) and got all the kids in bed, and then Madi puked again.  It was a lot.  It went on me, on the pillow, and on the bed, so we changed all of the sheets and the waterproof mattress cover, and I changed my clothes.  We got all the kids back in bed and settled again, and then finally off to sleep.  I'm beat, so I am headed to bed as well.  The house is a mess.  Their are dishes in the sink.  I need a shower.  But for right now, I don't care.  Sleep is going to come first.  I am VERY thankful that Madi's shunt looks good and that we were able to come home today.  God is really watching over my little gal!

I pray everyone has a blessed night and gets lots of rest (me included)!!!



Unknown said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon and that you all get a bit of a break! My daughter has had vomiting as a UTI symptom before, but only once out of all her UTIs. She doesn't have a shunt, but it seems like anytime something weird sickness related happens the first thing they do is check her urine.

ainemc said...

Oh my goodness what a crazy few days you have had! Hope Madi is feeling better & the next few days aren't as busy :)