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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Miss Mother Hen

Ramya is my little mother hen.  Her English is getting better and she is very good at telling Conner and Madi just what they should be doing, as well as exactly how they should do it.  She is also the first one there to ask what is wrong when they get hurt.  She is my little helper who helps push back their hair or tilt their head when they need/want ear oil.  She'll pat their back if she thinks they need it, give them a napkin, and just loves to help take care of them (especially Madi) in general.

Ramya is starting to put multiple words together and is doing really well.  Here is an example of some of her words...

Titan, sit (except she says 'sh' instead of 's' so it makes me giggle ;))
Titan, lay down!  (although sometime it's down lay, Titan!)
Titan, go!
Kitty, go!
Madi, sit! 
Madi, lay down!
Mommy, boo boo
Mommy, itchy
More _________ (usually egg ;))
_________ nice (meaning good, so pizza nice, pudding nice, etc....)
I know!
Mine ______ (mine bag, mine food)
Bag (purse)
Bat (battery)
Story (store)
Foon (spoon)

And the list goes on!

Ramya is enjoying having things done for her.  Sometimes it makes me laugh because she waits for me to do the oddest little things.  For example, if we sit at the table and her arm is behind her, she fusses until I move her arm for her.  If she has an itch, she will tell me and wait for me to scratch it.  If she has a little boo boo (and right now any little anything is a "boo boo" so sometimes it's hard to tell if she's really hurt or not), she waits for a rub and/or kiss before she's better.  She is happy for me to brush her teeth, wash her hair, change her clothes, brush her hair, and all that other fun stuff.  I know right now it is important for me to meet all of her "needs", even if they seem little to me, so I happily comply.  I know soon it will taper off and she will do a little more on her own every day. 

Ramya loves the outdoors.  We go on a walk every day at least once.  We go hiking a lot as well, and go bike riding a lot too.  She loves it all!  She went down the slide a ton yesterday and loved that.  It's a good workout for me too, since I have to carry the girls up the stairs ;).  I also convinced her to try out the swing and she really enjoyed that also.  Today she and David went to the store by themselves for the first time and she was very happy for some alone-time with daddy.  She wanted some assurance I would be here when she got back, and was pleased that I was, but had a huge smile on her face from getting to go out with dad. 

Though we still have our time-ins at times, she is getting better at coming out of a "funk" and can be redirected sometimes before it turns in to anything more.  It seems she is slowly getting a little more impulse control as well, which is nice.

I still carry Ramya a lot, but she is doing better with waiting a second if I need two hands and can't pick her up right away (like when I'm draining hot noodles or cathing Madi).  She's playing happily with other kiddos for longer periods too.  We had friends over today and she went outside with them for some time before wanting me back.  She knows I will come if she calls me and she is getting more confident, which is great to see.  She also asks to go to David at times and is bonding with him as well.  A few days ago she sat next to Conner, slowly inched closer, then put her head on his arm.  He light right up and was very proud.  It was sweet!

Our doctor appointment fun has started and so far so good.  The pediatrician thought she looked great and didn't have any major concerns.  We are treating her ear wax build-up, but that is about it.  Madi saw Dr. Segal last week and that went well.  We waited an hour and fourty-five minutes to get in, which was not so fun, but the girls did pretty good with the wait.  Next week Ramya has an ultrasound and appointment with the urologist and will also likely get a shunt series (CT scan and x-rays) in preparation for seeing the neurosurgeon.  The week after, Madi goes in to the neurologist (Dr. Condie) and then the following week Ramya goes in to Dr. Segal, the orthopedic surgeon.  He can write a prescription for new leg braces, so we will see Ron at Hanger shortly after we see Dr. Segal.  The week after that, Ramya sees Dr. Moss, the neurosurgeon.  We have about a 30-40 minute drive to each doctor, so I am happy they are spread out a bit and only 1 a week. 

Overall, life is good!  We are having fun as a family of 5 and Conner has already planned our next adoption.  He wants to do a garage sale fundraiser, get money, go to India, pick up a boy that is 5-6 years old and likes legos,  and he wants bunk beds.  He said the boy has to be from India so that Ramya isn't sad.  Who knows, maybe one day in the far-off future he will get his wish ;).

Oh!  And in other news, Ramya is almost 6!  Her birthday is on March 7th and her little family party is on the 10th.  I can't wait to celebrate her this coming up week! 

Oh, and I don't know if I ever posted this, but we are keeping her name the same, though in India you would say R-u-mya, and we say R-a-mya.  She will get the middle name of "Lynn", which is my middle name, and also part of Madi's first name (Madilynn).  So we will have Jamie Lynn (me), Madilynn Joy, and Ramya Lynn.  I think it sounds nice!

Back from the store!

Fun on the slide



Andy and Kiara said...

I love all the details you share. So much progress in such a short time! You are doing a wonderful job at helping her to settle in, learn to trust you to meet her needs, etc. :)

Unknown said...

It's great to see Ramya adjusting well. She seems to be getting along well with Madi and Conner so that's great :) at least all of the dr appointments aren't all in one week. :P I haven't been up to much, i got a laptop last Thursday that I can finally use to game on so that was nice, i got it from an IT professional that I had visited in the past and I mentioned that I do alot of online gaming and I needed a laptop that could play most downloadable games, so it didn't take long for him to find one for me. And it works really well, i was expecting to get an old piece of junk since i was getting it for free xD, so it was a nice surprise when I found out it was quite decent. So now I can play the online games I used to, so right now i'm playin Guild Wars and it's a great game, lots to do :p, I have skype too, actually i had to reinstall it cuz it was giving me a hard time >:( so if you want to you guys can add me, i have no mic though... well i did but for some reason it decided to stop working. My skype name is solidstatemind, yes that's one word :P

Unknown said...

I just showed my boy the picture of Ramya with her dad, you should have seen his face lit up... Ramya Ramya, I like Ramya and Deena!