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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Very Special Birthday Party for a Very Special Girl!

As promised, I have photos from today's family birthday party for Ramya.  She was just over-the-moon excited and loved being celebrated.  She loved opening all her gifts and I had a good giggle when she opened the wrapping paper and saw a clothing box.  She looked at the box, thought it was her gift, and put it down.  She didn't realize there was a gift inside.  She was SO excited to see that there was when I showed her how to open the box.  She also ate watermelon for the first time today and really loved it.  We had a little talk on how we eat the red part, not the rind, and she went to town!  I think she ate about 4 or 5 little triangles of it.  She especially loved her beautiful princess cake that her very talented Aunt Kim made her (!/SweetExpressionsByKimberly?fref=ts). 

I didn't attempt to make all the food like I usually do and just ordered pitas, rice, and salad from a local Greek place.  The food turned out yummy, and just cleaning the house and keeping it that way felt like a lot to me, so I am so glad I didn't try to tackle it all myself like I usually do. 

Oh, and we went out for breakfast this morning (we like to go out once every couple months for breakfast) to keep the kitchen clean.  We tried to go to Cracker Barrel and it was too busy so we went to the Deer Valley Airport restaurant.  They have a buffet for breakfast we thought would be good for the kiddos so they could eat right away, plus you get to see the planes come and go, and they always love that.  When we were finished with our meal and went to pay, our meal was already paid for by someone in the restaurant!  We were so touched!  Now to pay it forward ourselves :)

Here are some photos from our day...

Mommy just HAD to find me a cute little outfit!

All three saying "cheeseburger baby!"

Ramya has a special place in her daddy's heart!

She picked the decorations for the party :)


Super cute frog cupcakes done by her aunt... you can tell how much her aunt loves her, she put so much love and detail in to each one!

The amazing princess cake!  It was so yummy too!  I felt bad cutting it because it was so pretty :).

My dad, whom we call 'papa', showing off his 3E Proud Papa shirt with the wheelchair heart symbol

Present time!


She has carried her dolly around every day since we gave it to her.  Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark gave her a doll stroller and doll bottles for her baby (which she named "baby") and she was very very excited!

Time to wrestle!

Yum yum!

Blowing out the candle...

Yup, it's official, she loved it!

Conner grew a third (frog) eye!

Happy birthday to one amazing and sweet little girl that we are so excited and proud to call OURS!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Ramya! That cake is really amazing. It looks like everyone enjoyed the party. :)

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Gorgeous photos and cake and a beautiful new addition to your family! Deer Valley...Utah? I didn't know they had an airport.

Jamie said...

Arizona :)

Unknown said...

wonderful pictures :)(Raju can't get enough of watermelon, he eats it every day for breakfast)