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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Medical Bills, Medical Bills, Where Art Thou Medical Bills?

Today we had a very important appointment, though not a medical one.  Today I took Ramya to have a casting of her handprint made.  I have the kiddos foot prints and pictures framed on my wall, and I want somethign special for Ramya too.  When Ramya looks around our house, she sees Conner and Madi, but she is not in any the pictures.  We have her picture on our fridge, but that's it.  I want her to start seeing where she fits in (right in the middle of our crazy family, forever!!) and I think it's really important, so we made this a priority.  We are also getting family pictures next Thursday (THANK YOU Michelle!!) from a wonderful friend who is taking them as a gift for our family.  After that I'm changing out all the photos so that our whole family is in them.

Tomorrow the real fun starts.  Although she's been to the pediatrician, he didn't really do much in terms of testing and such, so it was a fast in and fast out kind of appointment.  Tomorrow is a big day.  First she has an ultrasound of her urinary "parts", next an appointment with Dr. Zuniga, our urologist, and after that a CT scan and set of x-rays to check her shunt.  Whew!  We have a $2,500 insurance deductible, and we will hit it ALL tomorrow with these appointments.  Lucky us!  I am very happy, though, that we are hitting them so early in the year, so that we at least have the rest of the year with owing 20% and co-pays, versus the full amount.  Phoenix Children's Hospital has been calling me frantically to set up payment.  I had to pay half of the CT scan and x-rays upfront (so today about $1,200 went on my credit card), then I will make payments on the other half.  Next, of course, we get to pay a chunk of the ultrasound and our doctor visit amount. 

I'm going to insurance (hopefully tomorrow... it's on my very long list of to-do's) and try to see if we pay more monthly (currently we pay about $720 a month), if we would pay less on the visits, and try to balance out what would make more sense for our family.  I am also trying to work on getting Ramya on long-term care.  Everyone keeps telling me she won't qualify, but I am trying anyway!  Join me in praying that she can get on, as this would be a HUGE help!

We knew all these bills were coming and tried to start saving for them, so none of this surprises me.  Even though, when I think about the equipment she needs, the testing, the visits, the surgery she will most likely need (doctor said her bowel and bladder surgery need fixing, so we'll see what the urologist says), my head starts spinning.  I know God has a way planned for this all to get handled, though, so I'm just taking it one day at a time and praying for the best!

No matter what happens, though, SHE IS WORTH IT! 

And on that note, Ramya turns 6 tomorrow!  I am SO thankful we get to have her home to celebrate with her!  I got her a little birthday outfit that came in the mail today and she is so excited!  I can't wait to post pictures!


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