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Thursday, January 27, 2011

She's getting chatty!

I just had Madi evaluated for speech because she has a great vocabulary, but is really stuck in just a few word sentences and still uses single words a lot.  She is also harder for other people to understand.  Of course, right after I get her evaluated, she blooms!  Today she said "I drank the water", and it was very understandable (at least to me).  She talks all the time, but has really increased with her three-word sentences and is now jumping up to a few four-word sentences.  This is going to be one of those things where I push and push to get her talking, then will not ever be able to get her to stop and will wonder why I did that.  I talked a lot in school, so I know I am doomed ;).  Ok, ok, in reality, I will enjoy every word that comes out of her sweet little mouth, I swear.  In other news, I have some really awesome playground ideas that I am very excited about!  They are unconventional, but I think they will work!  More to come soon, I hope!  Here's a photo of what we did today.  I had to giggle because I see so many beautiful photos of kiddos playing in mounds of snow, yet this is the mound we played in today:


Gretchen said...

Oh that is funny! Good, but funny! I worried and stressed and went bonkers because Nat did not talk till after he was 3, and now I regularly wish for peace! :)

We played on the beach yesterday... on 70+ degree weather in shorts and tee shirts :) And yet I know that there are pelnty of people burried under snow right now... so odd!

Joanna said...

lol. I KNOW! I'm thinking the same thing - "so I teach him to talk...and then I'll be pulling my hair out when he won't be quiet!" lol. Good for her!!!

Meilani said...

Isn't it funny how they can just have an explosion of words? Glad to hear she is doing so well. Seeing her in that backpack just cracks me up. Such a big girl.