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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm really good at walking

I'm really good at walking, I'm really good at walking, I'm really good at walking, I can walk....

That's part of a song from one of our favorite things to watch... Signing Times!  I sing it to Madi a lot when she is walking around.  She loves it :).  I thought I'd show you an updated video of her walking.  Please excuse the fact that I am in my Church shirt and new PJ pants.  Random, yes, but hey, that's how I roll sometimes.  I promise I wore a nice pair of pants to Church and did not change until we got home.  Please also excuse the video quality as it is from my camera phone.  I swear I DO have a few nice videos, I just haven't uploaded them yet.  Anyhow, I used to have to stand behind Madi and gently nudge her feet and help her shift her body weight.  As you can see, now I just have to help her balance and she does everything else on her own.  She is doing amazing and I am so proud of her!  This is a little shopping cart she got for Christmas from her Grams.  She loves to push her doll around in it and put food to "buy" in it. 


Leigh and Andy said...

so so SO AMAZING!!! GO MADI!!!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

What a precious see your beautiful daughter enjoying her "walk" with her shopping card.
God is good!
(Ellie's mom)