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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our newest venture.....

We have suspected food allergies for a while with Conner.  He gets frequent loose stools, has bad teeth enamel and teeth problems that couldn't be explained through environmental factors, rashes, gets muscle aches, is restless, and has mood changes, among other symptoms/signs.  We could not pin-point the allergy, and finally got him tested.  We went through our wonderful naturopathic doctor, Dr. Vitaro, to get it done.  Our pediatrician's office drew the blood and we sent it off to the lab Dr. Vitaro uses to get it tested.  We opted for a blood test that gives you both IgG and IgE results. Basically, one shows allergies in the traditional sense you think of them and one shows sensitivities.  Conner got all IgG results, which is sensitivities, but to wheat, gluten, dairy (all forms, including casein), and peanuts.  Instead of cooking separate meals or just making Conner miss out on food items, we will all be following a diet that eliminates his allergies (though I will let David keep his peanut butter, and the rest of us will switch to almond).  Madi also has also now has a rash on her face so I am curious to see if our lifestyle change will help her out in that way as well.  I already cook from scratch about 90% of the time, but obviously I will have to completely re-vamp what I cook and how I cook.  Wish us luck on our new venture, and if anyone has any awesome resources, please send them our way!

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