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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching up on our photos! Lots to see!

I swear, we DID have a Christmas, and I FINALLY have evidence!  I have been really bad about uploading my photos.  I have a lot to catch up on, so get ready!

Our yearly tradition... baking cookies as a family

She loves to stir!

Silly boy.

They love licking the batter... Madi's HKFOs helped her stand so she could help us.

Christmas with my parents.

Madi's new friend, Woody!

Conner's latest super hero obession; Iron Man.

Madi and her cousin Nathan at David's parent's house.

Madi and her Grams... she loves her!

We tried so many times to get a good picture.  It's hard with 3 kiddos!

Madi's new umbrella.... it is a butterfly.

Conner's new spaceship.

Madi and her Uma have fun together!

Zooming in Madi's new hot rod... a push button Princess car!

Conner showing off his new undees from The Pampered Tush (she thought he needed a little something special, and she was right!  He LOVED them!)

Madi's new stash of trainers from The Pampered Tush.  The snap-in liners are topped with velour and are SO soft!  She loves them!

Conner insisted we take a picture of his new undees, just like I did for Madi's undees.

Happy 4th birthday big boy!

Checking out the stash of gifts.

The card was musical and he LOVED it!

Make a wish!

Strawberry cake, just as he requested!

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