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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I think it's official.... Madi's in love!

With her new mobile stander, that is!  When I got home from the grocery store I saw a big box waiting for me.  We were late for dinner, so I was really bummed not to have time to rip the box open and put her in it, but I was good and waited.  As soon as we got home I took it out and was excited to see that it is in very good condition.  Madi saw it and started squealing and yelling "momma, chair!" over and over.  I told her I had to adjust it for her and she got very upset.  She wanted in it NOW.  She is two after all, and she wants everything right now.  I tried to run and google how to adjust it, which made Madi very upset.  She kept crying and saying "momma, help, chair", which was very pitiful.  I quickly found the pamphlet online so that I could get it adjusted and ran back.  I got it half adjusted and started putting Madi in it.  I had her about half in when I couldn't get her to hold still long enough to finish.  I kept having to chase after her to attempt to finish strapping her in, which of course turned in to a fun game.  Madi was zooming all over squealing and laughing.  It was really adorable, and it made the money worth every penny.  I got her in well enough to at least stay in, so I let her be and we just played while she was in it.  Tomorrow I will fix it correctly for her.  Conner saw the box and was in Heaven.  Forget the $500 thing that came in the box, he just wanted the box.  Typical boy, I'd say.  He was very disappointed when I told him that I would not sleep in the box with him tonight.  He found an extra piece of cardboard and told me it was a comfortable pillow for my head.  Then he tried to cover me up with bubble wrap so I'd be warm.  It was very cute.  I told him we could clean out the bubble wrap and he could sleep in the box, but when he found out I would not let him put the box on my bed, then go to sleep in the box, he decided he'd rather not.  Here's an adorable video of Madi with her new Rifton Mobile Stander and Conner with his new box.


Diana said...

Oh how wonderful!!! I love hearing her laugh, what a great way to start my day! Happy box day, Conner!

Cassie said...

That is one HAPPY girl! I love it!