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Friday, January 21, 2011


Every time I think I might have our playground situation figured out, I encounter more obstacles.  ALL I WANT TO DO IS BUILD SOMETHING MY LITTLE GIRL AND LITTLE BOY CAN PLAY ON TOGETHER AND NOT SPEND $40,000 TO DO IT.  I want to see them playing together, laughing together, enjoying being outdoors, and being able to do the same things.  I want Madi to have independence.  I want her to be able to get up high and experience something she normally cannot.  I want her to be able to explore and discover without being bound to the ground.  I want her to have a slide, and swings, and monkeybars she can reach, because she LOVES these things and I want her to have the things she loves.  I seriously never realized it would be this challenging.  I find it frustrating and sad that there are not more resources out there for families that have special kiddos in their lives.  I have called so many organizations and companies and have googled till my fingers ached.  I have talked to countless playground designers.  I have thought and thought and thought and thought, for months, and still have no good solutions.  I refuse to give up.  We WILL figure out something fun amazing, and affordable, even if it costs me my sanity. 

Ok, rant over.


Jessica said...

Have you talked to Cassie ( She had something to do with funding and designing an accessible playground in their city. She may have some tips for you.

Jamie said...

Messaging her now, thank you!!!

Meilani said...

I don't know much, but I was thinking that you might have more luck getting someone to fund a playground that might benefit a lot of kids, including Maddie (at a park or somewhere nearby). I know how it feels to want something like that in your own backyard, though. Wouldn't our kids just thrive with something so fun and useful?? Good luck and keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Could you buy a kit and hire a carpenter to modify it? My husband insists on building ours, but we haven't agreed on a design yet.

Joanna said...

I don't have any suggestions but I am SO interested in how this plays out! I hate that it seems to be so hard because what you're wanting to do sounds amazing! Like something so many of us would love to do as well. So hang in there - you're pioneering the way for us! And for other sweet children like yours. :)