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Friday, October 14, 2016

Running Away Day 2... California Adventure

Today was day 2 of our yearly vacation and we spent basically the whole day in California Adventure park.  It was crazy, crazy busy again, but we managed to get on most of the rides the kids were hoping to ride.  Keeping people from bumping in to Deena has been interesting, but with some gentle assertiveness and my protective shield (aka my arms) we have done ok.  People really don't watch for wheelchairs well, and Deena's is low to the ground, so that makes it challenging, especially when it's so crowded. 

Tomorrow is our last day here before we head to the beach.  The kiddos are pretty excited about our next phase of vacation as well.  Here are some photos from our fun day...

Conner, his friend Ethan, and his "cousin" Keegan

Rob gave Madi a Listerine strip right before the picture.  I told him she wouldn't like it, but somehow she ended up with it anyhow.  You can see how well that worked out for us...

These 3 are inseparable  

Deena and Aunt Adella (Adella and I sandwiched her in to keep her safe)

I usually don't let the girls wear makeup, unless we are just playing around with it.  When we do, though, I keep my red lipstick away from them.  Today I let them wear it (though Ramya didn't want to) because hey, it's vacation, it matched their cute dresses, and you only live once.  They were super excited.  I had to re-apply about 5 times.  They wanted a photo to remember what their lips looked like.

I thought we were going on the tires ride, but apparently it's now the singing cars.  The kids liked it anyhow.

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