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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Infusion Number 3 in the Books

On Monday, Preferred Home Care called and asked if they could come on Tuesday to do Deena's next pamidronate (PAM) infusion.  Though it was short notice, it actually worked out well because we are heading out of town and I'm trying to get everything done before we leave.  The promised to be done in time for me to take Ramya to feeding therapy, so I agreed.  Of course that meant I was up until 2 am cleaning and sanitizing the house, but such is life (I keep my house picked up and clean, but probably go overboard for infusion days ;)).

Deena did totally amazing, as always.  The nurse was able to get the IV on the first try, plus I had numbed Deena's arm, so she didn't even flinch.  She's such a tough girl!  

We had a visitor that day, Madi's BFF Gloria, and the girls had fun homeschooling, playing, and watching movies while Deena was receiving  her infusion.  

I can't wait for her bones to keep getting stronger!  

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