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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Butterfly Wonderland

Friday the kiddos and I packed up to head to Phoenix.  My Aunt was coming in town for the weekend from Hawaii and we were really wanting to spend time with her.  Additionally, David had a stock conference in Vegas and I needed to take the kids somewhere where I had support in case of an emergency.  We are also headed out of town and I wanted to get Ramya's next Lupron Depot Pediatric injection before we left because it's due right in the middle of vacation.  So basically the timing was perfect for a quick trip down and we are having a lot of fun with family!

Today we all went to the Butterfly Wonderland museum and the kids really enjoyed it.  We had been there before, but I always had at least one kid running from the butterflies when they came close.  Now they all love the butterflies and even dress in bright colors to try and attract them.  

Here are some photos from our time there...

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