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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our Last Day at Disney

Today was our last day at Disney before we head out to the next phase of vacation; the beach.  Disney was even more crowded than normal so we didn't stay all day this time.  We hit the big rides we had missed on Thursday, then headed to downtown Disney for shopping and dinner.  Poor Madi threw up everywhere, in the restaurant, right before dinner came.  We paid our bill, threw all of our stuff in to-go boxes, and headed for the hotel.   Of course our hotel was on the other side of security, and the lines were astronomical.  I talked to a security guard about a quick way across, because Madi and I were both covered in throw up, and at first she refused to let us across quickly.  Finally she decided to escort Madi and I across, but the rest of the group had to stay and wait in line, which is fine.  She offered us a nurse, but I was anxious to get back and be by Madi's oxygen tank and rescue meds just in case of a seizure (though I do carry rescue meds on me at all times as well.  I carry her clonazepam (oral), but had diazepam (rectal) at the room).  I was able to get Madi back quickly and clean her up.  She was in good spirits the whole way back, so hopefully it's a fluke and she will wake up feeling back to her normal self.  We had a nice, quiet evening in the room watching TV and resting, which was just what we needed.  Tomorrow we drive to Carlsbad and also will get to meet up with my birth mom and half sister for lunch (hopefully.... I'm hoping Madi wakes up feeling better, though she kept saying she didn't feel sick as it was), so we are excited to see them.  I'll update later with pictures of the BEACH, wooo hooo!!!

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