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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Madi's New RGOs

(Posting from my phone so please excuse the errors)

Madi has always had HKFOs (leg braces that go up above her hips) but she needed more stability and durability so we decided to go try RGOs (reciprocating gate orthotics).   They are bigger and bulkier, but wouldn't buckle or strain as she continues to grow.  We thought it may take her a while to adjust to them, but boy were we wrong!!  As soon as she got in them, she proudly took off.  She is so crazy strong and adaptable, not to mention determined.  We were all pretty thrilled!  She is getting some red marks so we are headed back to Hangar for adjustments, but overall we think it will be a great change for her.  Here are some photos and videos of her new RGOs.  

How Deena creatively passes the time...

And of course, chocolate for everyone helps too (It ended up being an almost 3 hour appointment!  The kiddos did great but oh man it wasn't fun)...

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