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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Fun Adoption Blessing

My friend, Cherie, whom I met on an Arizona adoption site, was throwing a big celebration party for her kiddos.  In leu of gifts, she asked people to bring a donation to our adoption fund.  She knew we met our goal, but wanted to give us a little extra wiggle room and/or a jumpstart on some of the medical things Ramya need once we get her home.  It was a really fun party; we had a blast!  It was an amazing party with jumpers and cotton candy and a clown, and so much more.  A HUGE thank you to Cherie, her family, to everyone who donated to our fund, we really, really appreciate your generosity and support!  Our adoption fund is now $260 larger!


Unknown said...

that is so sweet!

Maria Sauerbrei said...

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