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Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Awesome Shirt with a Purpose

My wonderful friend, Kimbery and her family are hosting an orphan in their home this summer through a program called New Horizons for Children.  Not only are they taking in a boy named Sasha for the summer so that he can see and know the love of a family,but they are also working very hard to get him medical treatment (and maybe even a forever family!!!) while he is here.  Sasha has spina bifida and is in a foster home with 14 other children.  Though his foster mom loves and cares for him, she is unable to get him the medical help he needs. The Dill family has been faithfully fundraising to bring him home and also has been working on finding him free or reduced medical care.  You can help Kimberly, Sasha, and the rest of the Dill family by purchasing a "That's How I Roll" shirt or by donating at  I got a shirt for Madi and I and they are seriously AWESOME!  We love ours!  Here are ours in action:

For each shirt you buy, $10 goes towards helping Sasha get the care he so desperately needs.  You can purchase your shirts by going to  If you don't want or a need a shirt, even donating $5 would help get Sasha here to the US and in to the Dill family.  Here is the link for donations:

Please be praying that Sasha can get the care he needs while he is here and, more importantly, please be praying that he will find his forever family.

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Kimberly said...

Thanks friend!!!! I'm stealing your pics for my THIR album!:)