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Sunday, January 4, 2009

We are going home!

We just talked to Dr. Shaffron and he is discharging us!  Yeah!  I cannot wait to get home to see Conner, shower, and eat some real food!  Being home again is always a bit tough.  Conner is not used to sharing time with Madi again, Madi is not used to Conner's noises, and everyone's routine is thrown out of whack.  It is very very worth it, though!  I am so thankful that it wasn't an infection and that our time here was brief.  God really took care of my little Madi!  She is feeling much better and did great with recovery.  Yeah!!


Stacy said...

Yay! Great news!

Amy Linder said...

Hi Jamie! I see that you became a follower of my blog. I'm so happy you found my blog and that, in return, I've found yours. :) Welcome home from the hospital - again. Madi is beautiful. I know that I was in and out of the doctors office and hospital as an infant too. But I and my family made it. You all will to. I'm excited to keep reading your story. Keep up the great parenting and keep up this blog! :)