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Friday, January 2, 2009

She's off to surgery

So far the culture has not grown, so the chances of infection are slim.  The plan right now is to go in and try to clear this shunt.  They are not sure where it is clogged or malfunctioning so they will go back in and take each part apart to diagnose and correct the problem.  The entire procedure takes about 1-2 hours.  She has been NPO (nothing by mouth) since 4 am, so my poor baby is starving!  The fluid in her brain is also quite built up, so I'm sure she has a headache.  They will let her eat again after the procedure and the fluid will be able to drain correctly, so I am sure she will be a much happier little gal!  If the cultures continue to stay negative and the shunt clears correctly, we will be able to go home tomorrow, which would be awesome!  We are praying that the procedure goes smoothly and she comes through it ok, that no new infection is introduced during the procedure, and that the new parts function correctly so that we do not need any more shunt revisions for a very, very long time, if at all.  Dr. Moss, Madi's neurosurgeon, is on vacation, so Dr. Shaffron, his associate, will be doing the surgery.  He is also very well known so I know she is in good hands.  This will be her 5th brain surgery in her 7 weeks of life.  She had the initial shunt placement, two external shunts, her new internal shunt, and then this revision.  I'd say she deserves a break from all these surgeries.  She is one tough little girl!

(This is a picture of Madi sleeping on a pillow in my lap while she waits for surgery) 

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jamie!!! I am still praying for you and your family!!! I can see by your previous pic her swelling and protruding veins. Poor baby, God, give her a break, she is fighting so hard!! AMEN...