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Sunday, January 4, 2009

And it lit up my day

Today Madilynn smiled her first real smile...

and it lit up my day!

Being stuck in a hospital room for an extended period of time is hard.  Anyone who has been there knows that no matter what color they paint the walls, no matter how cheery the nurses are, and even having a window in the room cannot really make the hospital look any more cheery.  When Madi smiled, though, the whole room glowed!  Of course the second I grabbed the camera she stopped.  I am praying we get to go home today.  I'm getting quite homesick and because of RSV season I haven't seen Conner since Thursday, which is really hard.  I miss my favorite little man!  No matter what happens, though, I know God has a plan.  I'll have the memory of my little Madi's first smile to brighten my day regardless.  


EarthMamaToBe said...

That is awesome Jamie! So glad you got to see it!

Katy said...

How wonderful! :)

Ugh, RSV season. My friend's baby (born in October) is currently in the hospital with RSV. :(