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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Living in a constant state of worry

One of the hardest things about having a child with special needs is living in a constant state of worry.  There are so many "extra" things to watch out for and be concerned about.  I am constantly checking things out and any time she seems just a bit off I worry, questioning what might be.  I know the best approach is to take one day at a time and not think about the future, but it is very hard not to wonder and worry about what might be.  

Right now her fontinel feels full and firm.  Of course it's a holiday so I am unable to get ahold of the pediatrician or neurosurgeon.  We are waiting for a nurse from the pediatrician's office to call us back, but I feel like we need to just go in to the office.  It is so hard to think that we may be stuck in the hospital again, but I am not willing to wait and take a chance.  I thought we would have a day off, but today will be another day of worry.  I am praying that my little Madi is alright and I am just being overprotective, but I just have a feeling in my gut that something is wrong.  Please pray for my little Madi!

(This is a picture of Madi and my dad (her papa) when we were discharged from the hospital last week)


Stacy said...

Trust your Mommy instinct (and Daddy's too). That's why God gives you that discernment (the world calls it a 6th sense, but its more than that).

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Oh gosh, Jamie...I'll be praying for your little Madi. Who is the gentleman in the pic?

Cassie said...

The first year is the hardest, at least it was with Caleb. Although he is almost 3 1/2 now and I still worry...I guess that's what us moms do. It really does get better though. I hope that everything is ok with Madi's shunt. Shunts can certainly be stressful!

Jamie said...

That's my dad, Madi's papa :)