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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ramya's First Haircut!

Ramya's hair is starting to grow (YEAH!) and she is very excited!  In the past, her hair was shaved and kept short.  She is wanting to let her hair grow out and really wants to be able to wear ponytails.  I was wanting to keep it as long as I could for her, but was also wanting to touch it up a little to try and start to get it even. 

This was our first attempt at a ponytail.  She was really wanting one, and was so happy when I could give her one!

We were all due for cuts, so we headed down to my hairdresser, Ashley.  Ashley has been cutting my hair for probably around 10 years.  When Conner was a little guy, I tried to take him to a kids place to get his hair cut and he was not a happy boy, so we left.  He watched Ashley cut my hair, then he wanted her to cut his.  It worked out great, so we just stuck with it.  She's been the first one to cut all of my kiddo's hair, which is pretty cool :).  I had Ramya watch Madi get her hair cut first, and then it was her turn.  Oh boy was she excited!

She loves her new style, and it's very cute on her!  It's so fun watching her with all her new excitement and firsts :).
I wanted to share another sweet photo of Ramya.  She now asks to be rocked every night, to which I happily say yes to.  It's great for our bonding and attachment, but it's also just great therapy for her as well.  It's a win-win!  Here she is snug in my arms...
It doesn't get any  more perfect that that!



sabrina singh said...

Why was her hair shaved and kept short

Jamie said...

Probably because it was easier for the orphanage to maintain her hair that way, and it kept lice from spreading as easily in the orphanage.