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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Quick Update From Today's Dr. Fun!

Today was our third, and hopefully last, appointment of the week.  Our pediatrician, Dr. Nemivant, looked at Ramya's left breast (aka "nee nee" (Conner made this word up when he was little and it kind of stuck.  Normally we call body parts by their proper names, but the kids really like that one I guess ;)) that has the lump in it.  He says it's likely premature growth from a hormone surge (crazy!!) and he thinks it will go back down if she doesn't touch it.  He said that touching it and rubbing it will only make it bigger.  He gave her a firm talk about not touching it, and she seems to have backed off on poking at it, so that is good.  If I see her touching it, I just gently remind her the doctor said not to, and she stops.  Dr. Nemivant really loves Ramya and I am happy about that.  It meens a lot to have doctors see your children for who they are, and not just their disability or another patient.  He told me that Ramya is very sweet and he's glad she found our family.  That's the kind of doctor I want caring for her for sure!

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Unknown said...

Happy you have an answer - even if it isn't the best one. hopefully hormones can stay at bay!