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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Appointment Updates and My First Kiss!

Whew.... another busy week!

Tuesday we rushed off to Mesa to see our neurosurgeon, Dr. Moss.  He reviewed Ramya's CT scan and shunt series.  He's stumped as to what kind of shunt she has and why they put it in how they did, but the good news is, it's working!  He has no plans to touch it since it's working, and that is exactly what I wanted to hear!

Today we went down to Ron at Hanger and he got her all set up for KAFOs (leg braces that go from the ankle to the thighs).  He said he'll have them ready in about 3 weeks, so that's awesome!  We can't wait!  Ramya did great during the appointment and was very excited to pick the purple butterfly print for her new braces.  We set up an appointment to get her braces and get Madi's fixed (she grew again and needs them adjusted) in 3 weeks.  Ron and his office assistant were very excited to meet Ramya.  They have been waiting for her!

Tomorrow we are off to the pediatrician to have a little lump on Ramya's left "nee nee" looked at.  It just popped up and it's bothering her, so I wanted to get her in ASAP.  It feels like my cyst does, and I've never felt something like that on a child before, so we're off in search of some answers.
Saturday is our big open house to celebrate Ramya and so that all of our friends and family can come and meet her and spend time with us.  We are busy getting ready and can't wait!  We hope to see you all there (well, those of you that live locally that is ;))!  If you need our address, please email me at :).
OH!  Before I forget, I got my first kiss today!  She planted a big one right on my nose!  I give her kisses all the time, but I haven't gotten a spontaneous kiss from her until today.  Now I officially have gotten a hug, a kiss, and told "I love you".  Life is good!



Tracy J said...

tears...for the hug, kiss and I love you. HUGS

Frances said...

Awww love this! Glad everything is going well, lots of prayers about her knee.

I love how they get excited to pick out the designs for the braces! :)K chose sky blue with butterflies all over them this time.

sabrina singh said...

What happened to her birth parents

Jamie said...

I am not sure about her birth parents. She was found abandoned on a path and brought to the closest orphanage so birth parents are unknown.