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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ramya's Adoption Meet and Greet

On Saturday we had a big open house for friends and family to come and spend time with us and meet Ramya.  Many people had already met Ramya, but it gave us time to spend together and celebrate.  We had a wonderful time and really appreciate everyone who came out to spend time with us!  Ramya did really well.  She wanted me to hold her quite a bit, but also had fun playing with the other kids (especially during quieter times with less visitors).  We also let my parents hold her, as they have seen her many, many times, and she loves that.

We also decided that in lieu of gifts, if people wanted to bring something, we would take donations to send to Vathsalya to help meet some tangible needs they have.  I'm excited to share our grand total with you soon (I have a few donations coming in soon :)) and know that it will be a HUGE blessing to Vathsalya!  Thank you to everyone who generously gave!

Our welcome table

A box for donations to the orphanage
Lots of friends came out!!  I'll share just a few photos, but we were surrounded by many people that love us, and we loved it!
Vanessa (on the left) gave Madi a great hair-do!
My mom and younger brother
My mom and dad
Playing with the kiddos... I had out bubbles and water guns.
We had tons of food, of course!  I didn't make it all myself, like I usually do, but I still made quite a bit myself.  We had Subs (from safeway), potato salad (homemade), cole slaw (homemade), veggies and ranch (store bought packet), spinach dip (homemade), salsa (homemade), taquitos (costco), chips (costco), fruit salad (thanks Kelly for helping cut ;)), lemon bites (costco), cookies (costco), brownies (homemade), hummus (costco), crackers (costco), guacamole (homemade), chicken salad (costco), meatballs (from Costco- some were marinara (sauce from costco too) and some were a spicy sauce I made myself (that grape jelly/chili sauce recipe) and I think that's it!
The dirt pit... always popular!
A fun Costco purchase that even the girls can use (thank you Petey and Chuck for the help with this!!!)

More sand/dirt play in our matching WHITE dresses ;) ...
Evidence of dirt play written all over her cute little face....
Love letters for Ramya's memory book

What a wonderful day!




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