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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Amazon Shopping Spree for Madi!

Another big "thank you" to everyone who uses Madi's Amazon link to purchase your Amazon items, or for those of you who have passed it on.  It is such a tremendous blessing to have that money there to use when Madi needs "extra" things.  There were quite a few things Madi was needing, so I had a mini shopping spree ;).  Here's what we got:

1- A cute little backpack for her to carry all of her cathing supplies and underwear in when we are on the go (when are we not on the go????)

 2- Wetbags to carry in her backpack to put soiled "underwear" (training pants ;)) in...
3- Floaties so that Madi can have some independence in the pool (well, as independent as she can be with me right there with her ;)) and a little more stability...
And lastly, this is not from Amazon, but we got Madi some night-time trainers (big girl undees ;)) to wear at night.  We love love love her "underwear" that she uses now, but sometimes at night she leaks enough to soak the bed, which means lots of laundry (especially since she still sleeps in our bed and that means king-size sheets and a king-size mattress protector) so we needed something with PUL (basically a waterproof layer built-in) to stop the leaks.  During the day, her underwear from The Pampered Tush are AMAZING and are perfect, so we are all set there.  They fit her great, they are trim and cute, and the absorb more than we need.  If I could just convince Wendy from TPTush to add a layer of PUL to her undees, we would be set!  That might be my next venture ;).  For now, though, we got Madi these....
I love that these help her feel like a 'big girl', are environmentally friendly, and are just plain super cute!  It's a bummer insurance doesn't cover things like this instead of disposables.  Even if we wanted to use disposables, which we don't, we couldn't because Madi gets wicked rashes after a few days in them.  Anyhow, I'll update everyone on how we like them and how well they work once they arrive.
Thank you again for helping us provide all these amazing "extras" that make our lives so much easier/better!


Gretchen said...

Do you guys have Regional Center help in Az or is that a CA thing??? I get partial payment from Regional Center for Nat's cloth diapers, based on the fact that I make the argument that the disposables that MediCal covers don't work for him and SUCK :-)

I tried SO HARD to get Pampered Tush to make undies for Nat.... but allass, I have given up on her and found someone else to make them on Etsy. I just ordered last week and am supper excited to get them! We use youth overnight cloths from (yes, Nat is BIGGER than Madi so I have had to get creative on where to get his diapers :) )

Hope the new overnights work GREAT for you guys!

Jamie said...

I'm not sure what Regional Center is. I'll have to google it and see if it is in AZ. I'm sorry pampered tush didn't work out, but I'm so glad you found someone else!