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Friday, November 19, 2010

We are LOVING these "underwear"

Madi is only 2, so wearing diapers really is not a big deal for her.  Most kiddos her age still do, regardless of if they have a disability or not.  Madi was really wanted big kid underwear, like her brother, though, and frequently uses the potty, even though she is so young.  Since she is cathed 4 times a day, she really does not urinate very much any more, so I wanted to get something more grown-up for her.  I stumbled across some great training pants that look like underwear.  They start at size 18 months and go up to 5T, I believe.  I bought one pair just to try them and loved them right away.  Madi loves them too, which is even more important!  They are not waterproof, but the nice thing about that is that you don't get that "crunch" you do with PUL fabric and it makes them look even more like underwear.  There are lots of different prints you can pick from and if you message the seller, she is able to customize them for you.  I got them a little bit bigger in the rise (the part that goes from the top of one side (by your belly button) to the top of the other (at the top of your bum) and had her add in an extra layer of absorbency so they could be worn at night.  They are a little more bulky this way, but still very trim.  She split the absorbency so that they would dry faster, and it really is a great design.  Her daytime trainers are really trim under clothes, especially considering how absorbent they are.  I had her make extra snap-in liners so that if Madi pees or poos a little in them, I can just change the snap-in liner instead of the whole pair.  It makes it a little bit cheaper this way.  When she outgrows her daytime ones, I am going to switch to just these and have 1 smaller and 1 thicker liner for each pair.  Madi really loves being in underwear and calls these her "apples" because the first pair we got was of apples.  Now they are all just apples, even when they aren't :).  Wendy, the owner of The Pampered Tush, was really sweet and awesome to work with and I know we will be back!  Here is a link to her website .  Just make sure you want to order any, you order "trainers" not underwear, as those have no absorbency.  She makes boys and girls.  Oh, and I get no kick-backs for posting this, we just really love them and I thought someone out there may be searching for something like this.  Here's a picture of sweet Madi showing off her underwear.  She loves getting in to the corn starch!!


Leigh and Andy said...

LOVE the undies!! Is there anyway you could email me so I could ask you a quick question about them? thanks so much!! (too long of a question for the comments section) :)

Gretchen said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this!! I have been searching for someone to work with to make briefs for Nathaniel and his unique needs. After reading this post I contacted Wendy, and she is willing to work with me to try and create something for my boy!!! Just imagine... after 10 years of diapers we might be moving on.... I have tried (and failed!) so many times that i just can not tell you how excited I am to have someone knowledgable helping me ;)

Thank You!!!