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Friday, June 17, 2011

A clean bill of health

Yesterday Madi had a ct scan and shunt series (x-ray series) to check her ventricle size and shunt positioning.  I HATE taking her in for these because she cries non-stop and it makes my heart so sad for her.  Usually the singing and games don't help, and I never leave her side, but she still cries.  I want to pick her up and run away, but of course, that is not a good plan.  This time, though, we had a great tech who was slow and gentle with her, making sure to tell her all about his big "picture machine".  We played peek-a-boo in it and he did his job quickly and well.  I think I saw one tear, but a round of "twinkle twinkle" and she was all better!  It was such an answer to prayer.  They gave her 2 stuffed animals (a fish and a bear) for being so brave during both of the procedures.  She was very, very proud of earning them.  She decided to give the fish to Conner, but held on to the bear the rest of the day.

Today we headed back to CRS to see Dr. Moss and go over the images.  They normally like to have you do both on the same day to save you a trip, but it just didn't work out this time around.  Madi wanted to show off walking for Dr. Moss and he got a kick out of seeing her hopping around.  Everything looks great, just the same as our last set in October.  This time we get to go a whole year without another scan, YEAH!

I remember about 2 1/2 years ago when we Madi's shunt was having so many problems.  At day 2, she had her first shunt put in.  It was non-programmable and on her right hand side.  Things were looking good so we got to go home after 5 days in the hospital (it was a little longer since they closed up her back too).  Less than two weeks later, though, we found out she had an infection and we were back.  That stay was almost 3 weeks.  During that time they pulled the shunt out of the right side, put in an external drain, changed that out for a new external drain, and put in a new VP shunt on her left side, this time programmable.  We thought we were in the clear until a few weeks later she started acting weird again.  We took her back and, sure enough, her shunt was clogged.  We got lucky and were only in about 3 or 4 days that time around.  A few weeks later, we were back, because we thought it failed again.  The doctor tested it and said it wasn't working.  We scheduled surgery for the next morning.  The next morning came, though, and it was working again!  Praise God, no more surgeries!!!  We left and have not been back since!  I remember feeling so worried and scared, because we couldn't make it out of the hospital for more than a few weeks at a time.  Conner was not even 2 yet, and it was so hard being separated.  I am so thankful that Madi's shunt is working well now, and that we haven't been back for 2 years.  It has been amazing!!!  As crummy as those visits can be, though, I am so thankful we have them, because had Madi been born before the time that shunts were invented (in the 50's), she wouldn't be here with us today, and I cannot imagine life without her.  She is such an amazing little blessing!!


To Love Endlessly said...

whew, you're a busy and blessed mama!

Chuck and Heather said...

Gotta love a post that starts with "Clean Bill of Health" ! Still as cute as ever too. ;)

Gretchen said...

I think that is one of my favorite blogtitles to see pop up :)

I think you mommas that deal with shunts daily are so brave.... I just can not imagine ... although I will say, when Nathaniel was diagnosied I said to God "I will deal with it all Lord, anything you throuw at us, but PLEASE Lord NO SHUNT!" hmmmm.... he listened and we don't have shunt, but man has He thrown so other wierd stuff our way :)

Hugs to you my friend!

acmcginnis said...

Great news! She looks so cute in the pictures! I can just imagine her little adorable voice and laughter in each one.