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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling a little better

We have three of our four home studies finished.  At the last visit, she got to see Madi sick and upset in my arms, but hey, that's life!  I suppose the plus side is that she saw my concern for Madi not feeling well and she saw me working hard to comfort her and help her feel better.  We will not be able to have another visit this weekend, due to Easter, nor next, due to her going on vacation, so we will get our final home study the week after and will probably be traveling to Tucson to meet our social worker there, since she lives there and does not have many families to visit down in Phoenix right now.  She said she will work on our paperwork so that she basically just has to finish up loose ends and send it off when we get our final visit completed.  I cannot wait, it seems like such a big step!

I called Dr. Zuniga's office about the medical records for Manasa and Ramya that I had sent him.  Manasa (the younger child) did not have much urology information on file, so there was not much to read over.  Ramya, however, had quite a bit of information as she had a VCUG some time in the past.  He said that based on what he read, he is not overly concerned about, nor all alarmed with, her kidneys or kidney function.   This was a HUGE relief for us.  While we understand that her medical reports are not kept up to date and she is not followed as closely as she should be, we were relieved to hear that he did not think any drastic measures would need to be taken when/if we get her home.  Conner has decided that we will be taking both girls home, however, that is not the case.  Even if we wanted to, India does not allow multiple children to be adopted at once. 

We are still praying that God makes it very clear which child we are meant to adopt, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for this as well. 


acmcginnis said...

I wish you the best with your final visit! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

Gretchen said...

Praying God's continual hand on your journey!

And on a side note... I think the SB bracelets are about ready to have a debut party.... I have 8 styles ready to go now :) So I will be emailing you SOON about it :)

ainemc said...

Hope Maddie is feeling much better now :-) And you get the last home study done and dusted. You will fly through it, it's pretty obvious what amazing parents you are :)