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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some pretty cool shoes

I just wanted to share the most amazing pair of shoes we found for over Madi's HKFOs.  They are called Skidders, and Madi gets the Mary Jane style.  They are stretchy like sock material, but have a really awesome non-skid bottom.  They are perfect for walking because they don't weight her down, but also give her plenty of traction so she does not slip. They are very stretchy so they go over her HKFO's easily.  The only draw back is they tend to 'stick' a bit on carpet.  Conner has a pair as well, but his are closed at the top (like a sock), not open.  They would also work well, but would make the feet pretty warm, so they would be better in the winter.  I joined their facebook fan page today and found a 20% off code if anyone can use it.  This is copied from their facebook page:

Shop at - use facebook discount code SKID20 and receive 20% off your order!

Hope that helps someone out there :).  Here's a picture of Madi wearing a family of dolls in her HKFO's and using her skidders (which are a tad big.... I always forget how tiny her feet are!!):


Dillfam said...

Are those the ones with nubby bottoms from Target? I also saw some with "sticky" but no nubbed bottoms at Walmart.
Love her "Moby" wrap:)

Stefanie said...

Thank you for posting about those!!! Zachary just got his first set of AFO's and these truly will be perfect! :)

Jamie said...

Yup, nubby bottoms :). I don't really ever go to target, so I'm not sure on that part, but there are a few different brands with the same product.

Stefanie said...

I was so excited about getting these...not a bad price, until they added the cost of shipping and then the price more than doubled :( And I haven't found them anywhere in Canada yet

Jamie said...

Stefanie- I can always order them for you and ship them myself, that should be cheaper shipping if you order enough to get free shipping to me :)

Stefanie said...

Jamie, thanks so much for the offer...I just came on here to update you and say I found some!!! They were at walmart. So happy! :)
Thanks again for sharing about them.