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Friday, April 1, 2011

Enter the curve ball

I got an e-mail from Jo at Wacap to see how we were doing on our homestudy.  We are still in line for Manasa (the 1 year old in India) but another family is now interested in her as well, so it's a waiting game to see who gets their paperwork in first to be matched with her.  Here's the curve ball, though.  Ramya, the first little girl I posted about that is 3, is up for adoption again.  The previous family decided not to adopt.  I know nothing about why.  Jo thinks we would qualify and be good candidates and will contact me early next week with some updates on her.  Either child will need us to clear our homestudy quickly.  Ramya, because of her kidneys, and Manasa, because there are now a few of us looking to adopt her.  Now we are thrown for a loop but are trusting that God will make clear which child He has for us (and He might have a completely different kiddo in mind for us!).  I forwarded David the e-mail from Jo and we discussed it.  He asked a few questions about where we go from here, to which I said we just pray and get our homestudy done, as that really is all we can do right now.  He is very concerned for Ramya and wants to rush the homestudy, but unfortunately, that is not possible.

We could really use your prayers right now.  Please pray:

- God will clearly show us the child He has for us and will pave the road for that child to come home to us.

- Pray for a quick homestudy process (we need 4 total, and because Oasis is based in Tucson, we cannot have multiple visits a week).

- Pray for a judge that sees us as a good family to adopt and signs off on the adoption quickly.

- Pray for both of these girl's to be matched with families that can help them thrive and also pray for their health.


Diane said...

And so goes the road of adoption! I am sure that God will provide for each of these beauties in His way, and am praying for ust that. When you get a curve ball, just swing away!!

Chuck and Heather said...

Your family will continue to be in our prayers!

Unknown said...

Praying for God's will.

Diana said...


Joanna said...

Wow! What an emotional roller-coaster! You sound so calm and strong - I can totally hear your faith through your words. You are an inspiration. We will keep you and those sweet girls in our prayers. Keep us posted!

Jessica said...

Oh wow!! I hope that the answer will be very clear to you and both of these sweet kids will have forever families very soon!