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Friday, April 22, 2011

A adoption funding and garage sale update

Just in case you missed it, this was my update last weekend, after our first weekend of garage sales...

22,000 adoption fees to Wacap/Orphanage
-100.00 donation
- 1,000 garage sale
-8,000 tax return from '10 taxes
= $12,900 to go!

We will also get a tax refund most likely (This year the adoption credit was $13,000, and I know it will be extended to next year.  Here's to hoping it will be extended the year after as well :)) after the adoption is finalized.  That should help us pay the travel fees off of our credit card when the time comes, so that will be awesome and should take care of the travel.  We will also need a private lawyer, but we'll get there eventually!  Ok, so on to my update...

12,900 to go
-480 made at this week's sale
- 300 for an item I sold on e-bay (I have more items to list on craigslist and e-bay as well :))
= $12,120 to go

We are getting there!  We are excited and in awe watching everything fall in to place.  God is good!

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