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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some recent photos to share from the Spina Bifida Christmas party, "the box" and more!

Madi loving her box!

Playing with Conner

Proof that Madi is an angel (look at her hands)

Conner is a soccer star!

Madi enjoying her first toddle system

The new table

David and I have matching ornaments from first grade.  Yup, we were in the same first grade class together!

Madi loves singing, it is so cute!

The ornaments the kids made

Our advent (I think I should have done from 25 to 1, instead of 1 to 25 but oh well)

Iron men

Using and abusing (and loving) our new Costco table

Ready for the Spina Bifida association party

Glendale Glitters

Our new-to-us dog, Titan!  He's just under 6 years old and a great guy!  He's super smart and the kids love him!

The Spina Bifida Association party

Madi's new friend, Owen.  He was great with her!

 Madi loved santa.... once she was in my arms!


Andy and Kiara said...

I like your advent idea! And it should work great like that. You open them on the date they coincide with. Dec. 1, Dec. 2, etc. :)

Dillfam said...

I like that table. I'm looking for something Jonathan can wheel up to with his stander. (right now the wheels just bump first and he can't reach a thing:( Where did you get it?

Jessica said...

I love picture posts! You have a beautiful family! I love the pic of Madi in the box! So cute!

Gretchen said...

Darling pictures :)