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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Putting out a wanted list :)

After talking with Tami, Madi's physical therapist, we decided Madi would really benefit from a mobile stander.  It would allow her to be upright and at the same height as other children her age, but would still give her great mobility.  Her HKFO's are wonderful for weight-bearing and walking, and the mobile stander would not replace what the HKFO does.  We  would still want her to use her HKFOs as much as she can/wants to, but a mobile stander would be good for her when she's not in her HKFO's (she is currently in them a few hours every day).  Right now she crawls, goes in her HKFO's, and uses her wheelchair throughout the day.  The mobile stander would probably be more something we use at home, then her wheelchair when we go out.  It is like a wheelchair but it helps hold the child upright so that they still get good circulation and their muscles stay nice and stretched.  Being upright does wonders for the bowels and bladder too!  The bad news, though, is that insurance will not cover HKFO's and a mobile stander.  I am going to contact the local Spina Bifida association and see if they have one in Madi's size that we can borrow, but I figured I'd throw it out here too.  If anyone has a mobile stander their child has outgrown in Madi's size (she is two and needs a mini or a small) and they are wanting to sell it, please let me know!  We are officially on the lookout!

Here is what a mobile stander looks like:

Here is a link to a mobile stander that Tami recommends:

And here is what they say about the standers:
Stronger bonds. Stronger bodies.

Eye to eye, smile to smile – engaging with peers is so much more rewarding for children with special needs when they can interact in an upright and mobile position. And the Dynamic Rifton Stander makes it easy – even for kids with no weight-bearing ability.
The Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelchair-bound greater independence and mobility. Even more important, this mobile wheeled stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a child can progress toward independent standing.

Freedom to explore

With the Dynamic Stander’s removable large wheels in place, children can self-propel in a standing position – free to explore their surroundings alongside their playmates.

Freedom to participate
Pop off its removable large wheels, and the Dynamic Pediatric Stander easily rolls right up to a table or a counter for participation in crafts and other stationary activities

If anyone knows of a place that loans out mobile standers, other than the spina bifida association, please let me know! 


Kari Thomas said...

have you tried out adaptive mall? they have a kiddie pool where people can donate to the medical equipment that you want. we got toby's bike in about 2 weeks from dooing that and posting on facebook. good luck!! will keep my ears open

Dillfam said...

Jonathan uses the Rifton K11, he is 30". We got it from Scottish Rite on a free long term lone. Love it! Hope you get yours soon!

Anonymous said...

We are looking online at adaptive equipment. Also we are calling the adaptive equipment clinic number tomorrow afternoon to get a appointment with them soon as well. I want a evaluation done by qualified competent people who have SB experience.