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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love finding little things that work so well!

Today we went to Costco and Madi HAD to bring her wheelchair. I mean HAD to. Normally we are reluctant to bring her wheelchair in a store because she gets very excited about doing tricks and showing off and forgets to look where she's going. I am afraid in a grocery store with smaller isles (we do lots of Sprouts shopping), she will knock things off the shelves. Costco seemed like the perfect place to take it, though, so we did. We were zooming around (which, let me tell you, is hard to do when everyone has to stop you and tell you how cute your daughter is or talk to her. Trust me, I don't mind, it's just something I have to remember to plan for. Madi eats up the attention!) and I saw a little collapsible table for sale. It looked exactly the right size for what I wanted for Madi, which was something big enough to eat on, do crafts on, etc... but also easy to store and easy to move around from room to room and outside. I got a little closer and saw it had an adjustable height! I was so excited! I had been looking online and wheelchair accessible collapsible tables are wayyyyyy more expensive than they should be (we are talking at least $90 to $100 for the cheapest and smallest models) and I was wanting a cheaper solution. I adjusted the height and Madi fit under it perfectly. The table legs were not in the way at all.  She also has room to grow with it, which is awesome. The best thing of all, though, was the price. It was just a little over $19! What a steal! I know it's silly, but I am so excited about it! It is this one but was half the price in the store. Madi is very excited about her new table too, which I think is adorable! Pictures to come shortly :).

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