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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just what I needed to hear today...

Today Madi went to see Ron at Hanger to pick up her a pretty new AFO for her left foot.  This is her third AFO since she was born.  While we were there I had Ron check out her HKFOs because Tami and I wanted to make sure she was making good contact with her left foot when she walks as her legs are a tad different in length.  Madi took the opportunity to show off her walking skills while I held her hands.  Man, she is really moving!  I used to have to stand behind her and kind of nudge her hips to help her move her feet.  Not any more!  She just does it all on her own, as long as she uses her walker or I help balance her by holding her hands.  Ron had another person from Hanger in with him and they both got a kick out of watching her cruise and listening to her giggle and laugh with Conner.  Madi loves her big brother so much, and he can make her crack up like no one else can!  Ron told me that she is really doing amazing and that he cannot believe how well she is moving about.  We even un-hitched her hip lock and she was still doing great.  She used to just kind of tip forward, but she is getting her balance in place and even that was not slowing her down.  I am so proud of the strong and determined little girl she is.  Sometimes it helps to hear how great she is doing from someone else, even though I already know it.  I can't look at her without thinking of how amazing and perfect she is!

1 comment:

Kira =] said...

This post just makes me smile. =]

So awesome how well she's doing! Congratulations again, Jamie on your little miracle!