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Friday, April 2, 2010

A Whole New World

As you can imagine, standing is amazing for Madi, physically. It helps her bladder and bowels work correctly, it helps her circulation, it helps her muscles and bones, but it also helps something else, equally as important. It helps her socialization and self-esteem. Madi wants so badly to do what other children her age are doing, and it's hard sometimes to make that happen, though we do absolutely anything we can. Since Madi has gotten her stander, a whole new world has opened up for her. She loves getting in to cupboards, playing with her friends, and helping mommy. She isn't moving around in her stander yet, but we're working on that. For now, I just play with her and move her around wherever she wants to go. She is such a curious little girl and loves getting in to things. She takes things apart, puts them back together, bangs them together, and has a wonderful time. I love watching her play! She's also growing very quickly now that she is upright more. I already brought her stander back for one adjustment, and it just about needs another! Wow! Our next step is to teach Madi how to move around in her stander (see photo below) so we are working on that. I'm just so excited that she loves it so much! I have a picture of her playing 't-ball' in it too, I'll have to find it. One of her favorite things to do in it is golf... we may have a future professional golfer on our hands!

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