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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes no news is good news!

Things have been pretty quiet around the Veprek household, other than the business of trying to move in with our normal doctor's appointments, therapies, and well, life! We still have MANY boxes to unpack but we are slowly getting there. Madi seems to be doing very well. Her fontenelle feels good, her shunt and shunt tubing feels good, her urine has been nice and clear when we cath her, and she is doing great in her stander. We have a few appointments next week, but they are just routine things. We also found some errors in a medical bill for $1,200 that brought it down to about $590, so hey, that's always great! We submitted Madi's paperwork in for an Amtryke (hand-cycled tricycle) and we cannot wait to get that. Walks are difficult because Madi wants to be on her brother's tricycle, and just is not happy in her push car, stroller, or even in mom's arms. She is ready to go, go go! In May, Madi and I head to Shriner's of Las Angeles to get her evaluated there. We will be flying over and staying at the Ronald McDonald house. It will just be her and I, and I have to bring her car seat, so that should be interesting, but we'll make it work. All in all, things are going great!

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Cari said...

I have stayed at many a Ronald McDonald house, and they are wonderful. My sister was a patient at St. Jude's, and my parents basically lived there, and when we came to visit, that's where we stayed as well. They are amazing. Glad to see you are all doing well, and she is such a cutie!