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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three little words...

Yesterday, Madi said the most amazing three little words to me... "I love you".  I had just told her "Madi, I love you" and she looked at me, patted me on the back, and said "I love you".  It was the first time she had ever put three words together like that, and even though she was just repeating me, I could not help but feel proud!  She still signs most of her words and does occasionally put two words or signs together, but this was a first.   Go Madi!!

In other news, it seems Madi made it in to long term care, which is just totally because of God.  They told us she was too far off and would not make it in, yet, she did!  I do not know the extent that they help with medical bills, but I know they do help.   The biggest part of AZLTC that I am most excited about is that if budgets get cut again, they will not be able to cut Madi's therapy.  Every time budgets have been cut, the kids who do NOT have AZLTC are those affected.  By getting Madi on long-term care, she is protected from the cuts.  Yeah!!

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