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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Our Day with Campbell’s Crew Cares

Our friend Campbell, who founded Campbell’s Crew Cares, had his mom contact me and see if they could take my kids shopping and let them pick out all their own clothes.  I have never actually taken them all shopping to pick out their own outfits and I knew they would have SO much fun with it.  We coordinated a day when we had to be in Phoenix for a neurosurgery appointment and met them at Walmart.  They had volunteers there waiting to take the kids around and let them pick all their own clothes. It was so fun to see what each kid picked and watch their individual styles come through.  It was such a blessing to have outfits provided for each kid too.  We go through leggings in our house like crazy!  Thank you Campbell’s Crew Cares for taking such good care of the kids.

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