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Monday, November 16, 2015

Madi Turns 7

On Wednesday Madi turned 7!  I cannot believe how big my "baby" is getting.  She is such an amazing, smart, spunky, joyful girl.  I am so blessed to be her mom!

We had Madi's birthday party early on October 30th.  Normally I wouldn't have it so early but we were needing to find a rental in Tucson and start moving.  I wanted to celebrate early so that her birthday didn't end up right in the middle of the craziness.  We had a costume party and it actually worked out great!  Madi had SO much fun!

On her actual birthday I let her chose where she wanted to go to dinner and she chose Panda Express.  She knows how to party ;).  She enjoyed her dinner and we topped it off with gluten free vegan donuts from Urban Cookies.  Yum! 
Here are some pictures from her special day (please excuse how blurry they are.  I couldn't find the charger to my regular camera

We made swords, did crafts, and did makeup, all per Madi's request

We had her party at the park this year since our house is up for sale

Even Hope joined us :)

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

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