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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Changes Headed Our Way

Well, it's officially official.  We are moving to Tucson for 2 years (or at least that is the current plan, but I have moved beyond the point of thinking I can plan anything ;)).

We found a rental.  It's quite a bit more than we were planning, but it has flat enough land to take walks and go on bike rides.  It does have a step down in a few places, but they can be easily ramped, and it's only a small half-step.  There's also a nook for homeschooling for me and a small extra room for guests, since my parents will have to stay at our house and help if one of the girls has a surgery.  There's also a nice sized yard for the kiddos.  Oh, and it's close to Sprouts, so I'm a happy girl.  I don't really like the house, but it will work, and that's what matters!

This Saturday a moving company is coming to move everything out of storage there.  The kids and I will stay here during the week to finish up at co-op and continue therapy.  We have enough furniture and beds in storage to make it livable, though, so that's nice. 

We received written orders of our adoption so that is moving forward quickly!  All that is left is to get her passport and bring her home.  It should be within the month and then I'm off to India! 

Everything is happening quickly and at once and feels a bit overwhelming right now.  Our house still isn't sold so we are praying it sells soon.  Having double payments until it does is going to be rough.

I will not be able to get a big van before D comes home, because we just aren't there financially, but I am sure it will all work out.   She probably will not use a wheelchair in the beginning anyhow, as I have to wait and take the time to teach her how to use it, how to listen, about dangers (like streets and cars) she hasn't experienced before, and things like that.  It should buy us a few months until we really need something bigger that will fit a 3rd wheelchair.   

Please be praying that Madi does not have any seizures while I am gone, for David as he cares for the kids (though Conner may come with me), for Deena as she goes through so many huge changes in her life, for safe travels, and for a smooth adjustment once she comes home.  Please also be praying for us as we leave our friends and family, move to Tucson, and adopt, all in one month.  There's never a dull moment around here!!

Thank you for all of your prayers and for


Colleen said...

That is a lot in one month, for sure! Exciting times ahead. I hope you love Tucson, Lee was raised there and it is pretty nice!

Unknown said...

Oh Jamie!! You have such a loving heart. That will get you through.

Unknown said...

I truly admire your heart! Best of luck with all the change!