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Monday, November 16, 2015

Beginning the Next Chapter of Our Lives

This weekend was a big one for us.  We signed a lease on a rental and moved everything out of storage and to our new place.  We still have some furniture and toys at our house in Phoenix, since that is staged to sell, but about 2/3 of our stuff is now settled.

Though I don't love the house and the rent is more than we were prepared to spend, it will work well for our family, and that is what counts.  
The kids had a lot of fun rediscovering their toys that were in storage and helping set up our house.  Conner's new room is huge and he is loving all the space.  The girls also go their play house back, which made them very happy!
Our rental house has beautiful mountain views.  I love that we can eat at the table and enjoy the scenery!
For now the kids and I will continue to travel back and forth from Phoenix to Tucson for the time being.  It's not fun but it works. We are staying mostly in Phoenix until 1) I go to India to pick up Deena or 2) This semester of homeschool co-op is over; whichever comes first.   We are trying to get settled in Tucson too, though, which is why we travel back and forth for now.  David is in Tucson most of the time working.  Our house hasn't sold yet (please pray it does before Deena comes home!) so the kids and I have a place to stay here in Phoenix, which is nice. 
There has been a lot of craziness between travel plans to bring Deena home, adoption paperwork, passport issues, selling our house, finding a rental, moving, and the rest of life.  I'm so thankful we are starting to get settled and are moving towards being together as a family again.  All that's left is to find a trundle bed for the girls, get Deena a carseat, sell our house, move the rest of our "stuff", and bring Deena HOME.  It's a big list, but I know God's got a plan for it all and find comfort in knowing that. 
Tonight I came home to a beautiful, thoughtful letter from an amazing friend who is very gifted at writing.  She sent the perfect reminder at the perfect time, and I am so thankful for the gift of her words.
Please continue to pray our house is in escrow before Deena comes home, for safe/smooth travels to and from India, for no seizures for Madi or any emergencies while I am in India, and for protection for Deenas mind and heart as her whole life gets thrown upside down. 

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