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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Some Big News and Big Prayers

First off, I am typing this update on my phone because my computer is not working so please excuse the extra errors.

I got great news today.  Apparently they got a judge in the hall that does adoptions in India and the judge saw/ruled on our case.  It seems our next court date was set for September 16th, and it seems that will finalize our adoption.  Usually there are three dates but it seems that ours will get finalized in two!!!  Amazing!!  After that date we will wait for the paperwork to go to the orphanage.  At that point in time they will apply for her passport, which should take about 30 days.  Once that is complete I/we (not sure who yet....  The kids want to go but we worry about Madi's seizures
and I need to talk to her neurologist first) can bring her home.  It looks like it could be October or at least by November.  I'm so so thankful we are in the final stretch!

Please join us in praying for wisdom and discernment as far as who goes to bring her home and also for safe travels, and no seizures for Madi while I am gone or while we are there together.

The other big part of what we need prayers about we haven't shared with many people yet.  David's boss has asked us to relocate to Tucson, where he is.  Tucson is about two hours away from where we live.  David had already been planning to spend October and November in Tucson, but I had planned to stay here in Phoenix with the kiddos and he would travel home on the weekends.  Then he would come back here and stay in Phoenix after those two months.  When they asked us to move we decided the kids and I would  still stay here and he would still go for those two months.  We planned to pray like crazy and then decide at that point if it was beneficial/important for him to be there or not.  If it was, we would move there in December after homeschool co-op ended and I got through this current round of doctor's appointments.  That's not a possibility now because we need to be settled either here or there before Deena comes home.  So that means we sell our house (we had already planned to do this...  Read the last post for details on why) and move in to a rental to be settled before she comes home.  We just don't know where to settle.  We have our friends, family, church, doctors, therapists, and co-op we love here.  I also strongly dislike Tucson and said I would never live there (I'm learning to never say never).  On the other hand, though, I'm seeing God open doors for us to go there, and I want to go if that is what we are supposed to do.  I've done some research and they have great doctors and hospitals so I could confidently transfer care.  We are also thankful it's only a two hour drive.  The idea of not being close to our family and friends is really hard though.    I'm not even sure how we would go on dates because I don't know how I would be able to trust someone to watch the kiddos with their medical needs.  On the other hand it would give David some emotional support and his boss would be able to teach him so much.   There's just so much to consider.

I will keep everyone updated and really appreciate your prayers during this time of transition for us!


goodie girl said...

I always like to read about people saying to God "I will never ..." and God having them do their never. Seems God wants all of you in Tucson for a good reason. And that part of the story you will be telling us very soon. So happy to read that your fourth child will be coming home before the end of the year. Will pray that you find a large accessible home and a large van that can hold lots of kids and all of their gear.

Unknown said...

Ah Jamie! So much to consider. I wish you well and pray for wisdom for you. <3