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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our House is On the Market and We Ran Away

This past month has been crazy with multiple curve balls and working crazy hard to get our house ready to list. 

As I previously posted, we decided to sell our house and free up the equity to help pay for a big van, travel fees to bring Deena home, medical bills once she's home, and to help take financial strain off David.  After making that decision, David's boss asked us to relocate to Tucson so that they can work more closely together.  We do not know what we are doing yet and been praying like mad for wisdom and discernment about the possible move.  David will be spending October in Tucson to see how it goes but the kiddos and I plan to stay here in Phoenix.  We recently learned Deena will likely be coming home in November, though, so we need to decide soon.  It is very important that we are settled either in Phoenix or Tucson in a rental before she comes home. 

We already had a California vacation planned before all of these "extras" were in the works.  We had decided the best thing to do would be to work our booties off to get the house ready and then list it the day we left on vacation. 

In order to get our house ready we needed to get down to a minimal amount of things in the house (and get them moved out in to a storage unit), get new paint and carpet, fix some landscaping, and re-do our travertine floors.  We also had to temporarily re-home our pets so that our house showed better.  We had to move out of our house and in to my parent's house temporarily due to paint and carpet fumes.  We moved back in when those faded, but then had to move back out due to the fumes of re-finishing the floor.  I homeschooled at my parent's house and the therapists came there for consistency for the kids.  When we weren't in therapy, at appointments, or homeschooling we were at our house working like crazy.  Many nights after I put the kids to bed my mom would watch them on the monitor for me so I could go back and work at our house.  It was nuts, we didn't sleep much, and we were beat, but we did it.  Our house looks amazing and went on the market Wednesday.  We've had a few showings and are hopeful it will sell quickly.  It would be amazing if it sold within 30 days so that it sells before we need the funds to travel and bring Deena home.  It would also help us avoid multiple house payments, since we need to be settled in a rental before she comes home.

Yesterday we ran away and headed for California.  We already had a week booked in Carlsbad, but needed a few nights in Anaheim for Disney/ California Adventure.  We considered skipping the parks to save money, but wanted to get one last "hurrah" in before life got even more crazy when Deena comes home.  I was so crazy busy, though, I hadn't spent much time looking for a hotel.  By the time I could, all of the Disney hotels were booked and many others were pretty full.  We decided to look on for a place we could share with my parents, since they were also heading to Disney, and found a great little place 6 miles away for cheaper than we could have gotten two hotel rooms for, which worked out great!
Today we spent the day at California Adventure.  It was, sadly, pretty busy, so we didn't get to ride as many rides as normal, but the kids had a blast!  Here are some photos from today....

Madi wanted to sit this one out...

Poor Conner was starrrrrving, even though he had already eaten  multiple times that morning, so he decided to make funky faces in all the photos....

David's face here is amazing....

72 pounds?  Eh, piece of cake ;)

Tomorrow we head to Disney and then we head to Carlsbad to rest up and relax.  We have a lot of sleep to catch up on and are looking forward to some down time.

Please join us in prayer that our house sells and closes before our Deena comes home.  Thank you!

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