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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Disney Day....

Yesterday was Disneyland and the kids had a BLAST!  Unfortunately we thought we would beat the crowd by going in September, but apparently we went on "Dapper Day" and it was crazy busy!  People had amazing costumes on and that was fun to see, but the crowd and waiting times, well, that part wasn't so fun.  We still got in most of our favorite rides, though, so I'm not complaining!
The girls had to start the day with the castle and princesses, of course.  Just after walking in to the castle area we were nabbed by a cast member.  They took us in a special side entrance and we got to see all of the princesses right away.  The girls were seriously in Heaven and it made the day so memorable for them.  They couldn't stop talking about it! 

Princess Mulan and Princess Tiana
Just look at those smiles....
At some point in time, Madi put down the pink fan you see above and lost it.  She was so upset.  We went to lost and found but they couldn't find it.  We filled out a report, though, because she was very concerned about it.  I called today and it had been turned in!  She was SO happy!  I really didn't think we would see it again and I'm so glad it showed up.
Conner's favorite part of Disneyland was, of course, the rides.  The girls went on quite a few, but their favorites are still it's a small world and teacups.  Conner, on the other hand, rode all the big rides and kept going back for more!
Why yes we did get matching Star Wars shirts....

Don't let her face fool you, she really did love the ride....
We met up with my Aunt and her granddaughter (my second cousin???).  Conner hit it off with her immediately and they were ride buddies the rest of the day
The girls loved the parades.  They were all new and the girls got so excited.  Madi blew kisses to all of the characters and they both danced throughout the performances.  The fireworks were, of course, amazing too.

This morning we woke up and ended our trip with a character breakfast at Storyteller's Café.  They were amazing about accommodating the kiddo's food allergies and they had so much fun getting to see the characters.  There was, of course, lots of dancing too.  Not a day goes by that we don't dance!  Even Conner was happy to see the characters, so I count that a success!
They brought the girls autographed photos from two princesses and told them the princesses had made them a special dessert.  They were super excited!  Conner was also very excited because they gave him their strawberries.

Disneyland can be a bit tricky to navigate when you have extra things to consider, but there are a few things that make it so much easier for us that we are very thankful for.
  1. There are bathrooms with cots in the nurses office to help with potty stuff and clothing changes.  They will even give you a disposable chuck if you ask for it.
  2. Each dining area offers gluten free options and will accommodate other allergies as well.  All you have to do is request to talk to a chef. 
  3. Although there have been many policy changes due to the misuse of accessibility lines and the such, the staff really does go out of their way to help assist you and make your park experience enjoyable. 
We had so much fun and cannot wait to go back next year as a family of 6!!

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