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Friday, April 3, 2015

Thank God We Have It!!


(insert HUGE sigh of relief here....)


Yesterday our neurologist called to check on Madi and see if she was able to take the pills he prescribed.  We had tried many times, but unfortunately, she just couldn't do it.  She tried really hard, though, and I am proud of her for that.  We decided to do one week of generic, even though it bothers her system, because going without just isn't an option.  The generic didn't get called in, though, so I continued to use the emergency fill of brand-name I had, which was getting very low.  This morning I called the neurologist office to have the generic sent in and got a call back about an hour later to let me know that they had just checked with both of our insurances and we could officially get our brand-name now.  YEAH!  I called our pharmacy and they were able to run it through.  I was SO relieved!  I think I thanked both the neurologist office and Walmart about 10 times each :).

Though it always stinks to have the stress of fighting with insurance, the extra calls, and the worry about your kiddo, I am so thankful for people in our lives who love Madi and will work so hard to get what she needs.  I'm thankful that the neurologist cares about her enough to take time out of his insanely busy schedule to call us himself and check on her, making sure we got a solution.  I'm thankful for his staff who didn't give up and spent a ton of time calling insurance and helping us resolve the issue.  I'm thankful for a pharmacy where they know her by name and always go above and beyond for her.  They spent at least an hour on the phone helping us as well.  I'm also thankful for our friends and family who encouraged us and prayed for us while we tried so hard to get her medication.  One thing is for sure; we are blessed beyond measure!

P.S.  I asked if I could crush the  medication and give it in pudding or juice or something and he said no, absolutely do not crush it and give it to her.  I'm glad I asked first!


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