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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Video of Ramya Walking

Ramya is doing really well with her walking and we are so proud of her!  For some reason I cannot find my older walking videos of her and I'm bummed because she's made such HUGE strides and I would love to be able to show everyone the difference.  The first videos of Ramya walking were just a few seconds long.  She was too nervous to have me step away and could also only take a few steps before getting tired.  She was afraid of falling and tired very, very easily.  For a while we took a break from walking and just focused on confidence, core strength, and building our leg muscles.  We also moved her from KAFOs to HKFOs (so from leg braces that went to her thigh up to leg braces that go up to her tummy).  We spent over a year just working on all of the skills leading up to walking.  I am proud to say she is now confident enough to take a trip around the kitchen without help!  Her endurance has also increased so much.  It's amazing seeing her transformation!  Here's a video of her cruising in the kitchen....


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