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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Updated Video of Madi Walking in her HKFOs Using Arm Crutches

Madi told me that she wants to wear her "up ups" (aka hkfo's) and use her walking sticks to walk down the isle when she gets married (in about 20 years I say ;)).  I told her she better get to practicing!  She's been doing awesome and has been starting to balance so much better. She's now able to take a few steps on her own which is a huge accomplishment! Just a few months ago she couldn't balance, let alone take steps.  I think the therapeutic horseback riding is really helping her with her balance and core strength.  The doctors said she would never walk considering she is an L2 level.  One thing the doctors can't judge when they determine someone's level of lesion, however, is their level of determination; and that is what makes ALL the difference!  Some days she doesn't feel like walking, and I don't force her to, but mostly she really loves being up and mobile.  She's so very proud of herself too!  Here's a video of her and our new PT Kelly....


Unknown said...

Does Madi have spina bifida Cuz I'm L4

Jamie said...

Yes, Madi is about an L2 and Ramya about an L3