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Monday, February 23, 2015

We Started Therapeutic Riding, Hurray!

Last week we started the girls in a therapeutic riding program for kiddos with special needs through A Stable Influence.  The girls LOVE it and are so excited to tell everyone that they rode horses. They also ask every day if it's their riding day. 

While the girls are on the horses they have them ride forward, backward, and sideways to strengthen different core muscles.  They also ride with just a pad, not a saddle, so that they can feel the horse's gait better, which will in turn hopefully help them with their walking gait in their leg braces.  It's also great practice for Ramya to work on sitting back on her booty and having good posture.  The program is run by one lady and a bunch of volunteers so there are no therapist costs, like in hippotherapy, which is nice.  

Here are a few pictures of the girl's first day.  I couldn't get any great ones of Ramya because she wanted me to stay by her and hold her leg the whole time, so I did.  Next time maybe David and I will switch girls (if Ramya allows ;)) and then I can take a few better photos of Ramya.  Ramya has a huge fear of falling, and was hesitant to que the horse to walk, but did great once the horse started walking and she realized she would not fall.  She death-gripped the pad and wouldn't let go, but she did it!  I know each week she will get even more confident and I'm excited to watch her build her strength, endurance, and confidence.  Conner isn't in therapeutic riding but enjoys shoveling poop and helping his sisters to earn free rides in between kiddos :).

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Unknown said...

So exciting! I'm glad they love it!